Sunday, January 10, 2010

ola ppl... hope u guys didn't think i died or something.. haha
aniwae, its been ages since i update so brace yourself for a long entry... =)
well ok here goes... as u guys may hav known, i didn't go for this years coundown..
ya ya loser.. was kinda sad at first but hey when u're momma's dwn u gotta be there
to cheer her up ryte? so on 1st jan me n boyfie went out!
we went mkn2 with his fam at bukit timah azhar n afterwhich we went to play pool n bowling!
sorry ppl the vid of me bowling won't be uploaded cos its too emberassing!
n ya for the record! the first 4 set in bowling i got ZERO.. cool kn!! n in pool i beat the
crrap outa shawtiie.. syg we must rematch agen k..

after bowling, we went to his hse via. yishun park.. ouhh scarriee.. saw *Bleep* n walk like
lipas kodong...n ya.. i fell sick n that reali sucked n wats worst! i lost my check list @ work..
haii sape la yg busok hati harap mereka berubah cos holding a grudge onli
makes u more bitter in life... well for work, been going great so far..
just need to chin up n ignore those "busok hati" individuals.. as long as i work n get money thats fine by me cos frankly speaking, i reali honestly enjoy my job!

n in the midst of gettin my 1st pay, i got a new handphone!!! wasn't the one i was
aiming for but ouh well.. better then nothing!! i'm so very happy that boyfie
finali brought it up to his folks.. i just hope that everything goes as planned
i reali hope n pray we can acheive what we aim for.. looking forward to it!! =))

currently now i'm having my weekends off.. njoying the freedom for now...
wait till my on calls n stand by kick in.. the MORE i won't hav time for me bloggie!
speaking of which, saw lots of my friends getting married n me cousin is gettin married too!!
congrats ♥ MOD N NORY!! ♥ sorry i cn't be there but u noe my hart is with yall.. rem couzzie no matter wat we're fam n i'll always love u..

so now am waiting for my parents to cum hme frm their weekend getaway to m'sia so
me n boyfie cn hav our own getaway.. bowling n movie anione? hehe... can't wait for my next pay gonna treat me brothers n boyfie to bowling n seoul garden..

well till nxt tyme my lovers...

Naysha owtzz

Friday, January 1, 2010

My chickaz ♥

Iits a stay hme one for me...
Update via mobile..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flyiing off!!
Hiatus m0de♥

i'm tired frm work and that incident left me kissing the floor..
thankiew Boyfie for coming for me.. ♥

work today was murder!! with the endless flow of people coming in and out.. FYI ppl i'm an OT nurse in recovery area... but what reali made my day was when two new born babies were wheeled in recovery.. ouh gosh.. nothing beats the tirdness than looking on a new borns face n when he smiles bck... that reali made my day...

i just can't wait to slip on my party heels and partay with boyfie all night long.. haha no on bed activities thou.. sorry peeps those details are private... thank god i have my PH clearence and i can't wait to shake shake shake shake shakeit! whooyeahh..

now ain't feeling well kinda weak due to the floor kissing incident.. rang up boyfie and he came flying dwn frm *toot* (locatation undisclosed for sensatip reasons).. did a mini countdwn n its 1 mth n 1 wk to ma 21st.. goshies i feel old.. haha..

till nxt time me chikasss
Naysha owtsss