Thursday, October 8, 2009

quickie (time constraints)


Today again had a quickie with boyfie. Ate mua fav long john and yea had to rush bck home.. haixx.. wonder when can we both just have the entire day to ourselves.. Well as they say patience is a virtue rite..
hope my patience dosen't run thin.. with all this time restraints i feel as though
i'm gonna implode any moment.. Gosh i miss boyfie so much.. We couldnt have any physical contact cos ouh we
he's in uniform ma n not allowed too bla.. bla.. bla...
Can't wait for saturday's upcoming outing cum sheesha session
been ages since i smoked sheesha..
went home early and had enough time to cam whore.. well c the pics n u decide which one
captures the better angle of me! if t
here is any that is..
peace people!

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