Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today poor boyfie was left all alone to do a work load of 5 people!
that was totali unfair but thank goodness he pulled
it off..
Met Boyfie @ clementi at ard 2+ (mind u i was late agen)
He had to go down to AH to get his teeth
checked.. haha! nxt extraction date is
same date as me removing my braces!
YES PEOPLE! my debanment was delayed!
But never mind, i'll b patient and wait for my appt.
its kinda sad that we are kinda reduced to meeting
for breif moments of time.. haixx.
i just miss the old times when
we would be togather at his hse n all..
but no matter my love for
him never changes and i still hold my promise
*read this boi*
your gona come bck to brunei into my arms
nothing is ever gonna change between us and i
love you for better or for worse!
Now and forever, i'm yours.
I wanna spend the rest of my life by yourside!

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