Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This time slowly but surely i don't think i have the strength anymore... please forgive my weakness please forgive my insolence but the more we try the more i feels acceptence is just a word she throws around like how u kick a ball in a scoccer field...

i wonder how things got to be till we're here like this... You mean everything to me you mean the world to me.. but just promise me that i'm not the reason why this is all befalling upon you.. promise that there will be a way out..

I feel more alone then ever! i threw away everything to make this work even my bestest and closest of friends.. don't worry i'm not raking up the things i did for us to glorify myself... just that sometimes compromise must be made to help move along in life... from time 2 time i admit i miss the company of my social rainbows but they understand and accept as to why i pulled away..

i don't wanna lead a life wher it was all late nights, chill under blocks and random outings with no cash.. i don't want that teenage lifestyle where u know your not moving forward or back.. your just stagnant... i want you i need you..

so what if it hurts me? so what if i break down? i gotta find my place.. i wanna hear my sound.. i'm just trying to be happy.. No matter what other people try to say or do, u know i'm not leaving u! but what she sayd has an impact whatever her decision is determines everything.. i'm not looking for forgiveness, sympathy nor du i wanna separate u all... all i ask is stop hurting him...

i don't care if she hurts me with harsh words and untrue statements.. i honestly don't giva rats ass (pardon my language) just let him be happy... i love you too much to see you in heartache and pain.. i don't ever wanna see you loose it or give in when there is no other way out..

just hear and know this: i'm never giving up as long as i have your hand to hold! i'll never back down if you'll be there beside me thru it all.. till death do us part... and i mean everyword

Naysha Owtzz

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