Thursday, November 12, 2009

Minutes turn into hours... hours turns into days.. days to weeks and weeks to months... Why can't there be an end to all this.. i'm seriously out on a limb now.. i'm cluless lost and even more confused.. Why do u see me as sucha threat?? can't deny facts yes we lied but comeon.. to me its simple, u don't like it say it at least have the guts to admit it.. whats the problem.. i tried to calm down i tried to keep it cool.. yes my frens nad FINALI noes hw to keep it cool..
i don't this to be just another relationship.. i'm serious and dead serious...

who am i to come between you and him.. please i beg you try to see that.. i wouldn't wanna come inbetween u two... if you disagree on us please say it... say it before we tie the knot.. say it before it's too late.. but the hurt is gonna be unbearable.. i had enough of relationships not working out.. i can't stand other jerks walking in and walking out like i'm a fucking 7/11 store.. FUCK ALL MY EXs..

Search your mind.. search your soul.. ask yourself.. there should be other ways to overcome this.. but please don't make it till the onli way out is for me to push aside my feelings and go.. i don't wanna leave.. not now not never! but what is there to do? i can't stand it watching you do this to him.. whats your problem?? is it me?! why can't you say it?? takot org benci??

I don't know what else to say what else to think...

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