Thursday, December 3, 2009

No amount of money can buy it, no amount of words can describe it, no matter hw much you'ved tasted nothing can taste as good as it does.. yes apparently frm my intro me n boyfie had yet another uncalled for arguement which i admit was at my mistake as i was being too sensative AGEN!

God bless his patient soul for putting up with me being so emotionally unstable due to post-menses syndrom.. yes my mood swings are post n not during.. haha.. weird huh.. sorri i'm jus a weirdo!
just got off the phone with el' stinky and we were talking about our big step next year.. My hav you grown my dear.. your talking all financial n stuff.. gosh! it makes it seem as thou i'm the one splurging! (secretly, yup i waste money!)

Am still currently mising boyfie poo2 too bits and god i know whats passed is pass but i get pissed whenever i think abt miss S n Miss Sz frm Fs.. the crap people put you thru in life n when u finally attained happyness, they come bck n bite you in the ass.. people like this shld jus drop dead larhh...

so yea.. now i'm awake while poo2 is snoring in lala land.. tmrw he has work and yea i'm kinda worried about him.. he's been having awfull bck aches adn my usual Urut dosen't cure it.. poor boyfie had to go for X-ray n that faggola doc nvr even tell the results.. like i noe hw to read an X-ray.. hello i'm a nurse not a freakiin doc u faggola! read it n tel me the results...

currently i am now counting dwn my final moments of staying at home and being a princess.. its time i get ma ass off to work which is in 4 days time.. haha.. wish me luck me chickas!

Naysha owtss

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