Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29th sept - Total random day!

29th sept. venue totali at vivo
Boyfie took half dae frm camp to spend the day with me.. was totali fun cause its been ages since i did the total random day thingy.. we went mkn at subway where he totali disagreed on the choice of mustard i choose.. well we WERE on a tite budget so had to share a meal.

Well it may sound very typicall but sharing the weal was totali sweet. Again another which i haven't done in ages! We also did some catching up on hw much we missed each other for the 5 days we been apart. M'sia was fun but nothing beats being home where i'm most comfortable..

After about wasting an hr @ subway, decided to go to skygarden for a smoke den went to watch G-force in 3D which was a total waste of my 10 bucks per ticket EACH!! totali regretted!!!

All and all the day turned out good till it hit a sour note when we got home.. but hey who says good things last??


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