Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bitter heart

Sometimes having someone in your life does not always mean that everything's gonna be all right. Ya you two are in love and don't one any other but there's always that certain factor of which becomes a hinderence to your happiness. As i've said before, if it's not the guy, its always the environment surrounding the guy which makes happiness just an inch to far outa reach..

People have their patience but what happens when that patients runs thin? what happens when u know you are on the verge of total utter mental collapse but still hold it together even when u're on a thread of sanity.. Love isn't enough but i beg to differ! We're gonna show you that we'll pull thru no matter what.

Yes i'll admit that they looked deceiving but why does god gives us ears? to listen.. so why ask when u can't accept.. My opinions n mind is still open n RESPECT is the factor which i will not overlook.

We did not come this far just to break down.

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