Thursday, October 1, 2009



Sad that i don't qualify for childrens dae anymore.. How i wish i was younger by about 5 yrs where life was all school n money from parents.. haha!! man that was the good life.. now being older fuh! neverending problem
ss... but ouh well! =)

Todae was super quickie day.. met boyfiie for like abo
ut an hr n man.. i was so sad to say goodbye.. i miss hymm... tmrw is judgement day for hym.. muahha!!! wisdom teeth removal! JIA YOU BOYFIE!!

We met at marsling the usual port n went dwn to yishun ate western! yummy2!! but i wan japanese!! lol.. after fighting over nothing as usual we kiss n made up.. go awee people! haha.

Just reali miss those times where we didn't have a care in the world. Where it was just hym n me.. haixx... compromise is what moves us alone i guess. But it wouldn't hurt to have the old NadiAzlam back.. i kinda miss goofin ard with hymm but that dosent mean i don't love him..

ok about the food.. The pasta was well.. err.. ok i g
uess but the beff was torture to my sensative metal teeth.. drank my usual milk tea n we cha2 chowed back home.. tmrw is gona be an early start for me cos i'm gonna acc. boyfie to hospt. Hope he dosen't cry frm the pain.. hehe..
i better turn in now i guess.. =)

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