Friday, October 2, 2009

A day @ Alexandra

Today was super early start for me.. Woke up @ o545hrs to wake up sleeping boyfiie and get him all reved up for his surgery which may i remind u hurt like hell.. He was all smiles and playing it cool. We reached AH early so decided to stop by the amazing sandwich makin machine for lite breakfast With little azlamy (bear bought by boyfiie)

Saw Is in the waiting area n he was scaring the shit out of boyfie which may i remind u is terrified of needles.. and i do mean TERRIFIED.. When it was his turn, he started to freak! haha... Doc had to giv him some 'happy stuff' to inhale and relax which mad him super high when he got out.

But am proud of boyfie that he manage to pull tru the surgery without hitting the doc or nurse but now poor thing my boyfie is suffering in pain. Jus hope he gets better soon.. Gambate syg!

NadiAzlam feat. Azlamy

Breakfast tyme

Post 'happy stuff' syndrome

Presenting the survivours!IsmaiLam!

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