Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 53rd Birthday Daddy dearest!!

Well today was daddy's 53rd birthday.. Took a famili drive to changi airpoort terminal 3 and jalan2... Been ages since we did the whole random fam outing and all.. It was reali fun and am looking forward for the next outing..

We stuffed our face at swensons @ terminal 2 and boy were we full.. Grandma was so cute and abit pityfull as all our food came and her's was the last to arrive but ouh man did she eat.. first time i saw her actuali finish her entire meal.. WOW!

At last came our deserts and yummy yum2 i got my white choc blondie... By then, we were fully stuffed but because it was soo good, bopian la!! mkn oi!!

But i miss boyfie so much today with hid ppaid being low and all so it was kinda hard to contact him.. Was so happy when he called using his dad's phone.. Tmre boyfie will be acc. me to go for interview for CGH.. Ya i know its far but who cares! as long as i have a job maa...

pics of todays outing will b uploaded soon.. mwahxx

NaySha Owtz

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