Saturday, October 17, 2009


Don't get me wrong, yes i am happy that boyfie's home affairs are all getting better now but i can't shake the feeling that we may hit rock bottom again... Things between us r just not like they used to be.. We're getting into more and more arguements and lately i don't know why i'm being very impatient with him..

Yes i'm trying my very best to not recall what missus said abt me and all but the hurt is still done.. No matter what u do, you CAN NEVER take back your words you can just help make the person feel better.. But what if it's a two faced thing again? what if its just a plot again? haixx.. this sounds like soo the suria drama seii.. Why can't some people just live their life in peace no need for all the d4rama and sympathy frm others.. GAWD! is that so hard to ask for?

All this while i've kept my feelings inside but i fell if i du for another day, i'm gonna implode... haixx.. i just hope and pray that this make up is for good and not another act..

NaySha Owtzz

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