Friday, October 16, 2009

Hyper bummed!

Today i'm reali down in the dumps today.. Didn't went for my interview as well last min bui frm dear ol fren.. Boyfie dropped by as usual but today we kinda got into a heated arguement as i was totali stressed and frustrated in not being able to get a job... I kinda regretted not going into the paramedic course i'm kinda envious that my other friends got jobs and here i am stuck at home.. I admit.. i should have listened to my mommy...

later on i applied for a job online but this time at KKH but not as a nurse mind you.. i basically think my career as is nurse is over larhh... like wat ah fat said "kao pikir #$%^ akan senyapkn diri?!" damm was she dead on right.. and now i think i'm slipping into depression lahh.. can't believe that its so hard to get a job here.. haixx

now abt me and boyfie, yea we're doing fine and all but mostly we have squabbles coz i tend to get angry reali quick and take it out on him..
i'm so sorry my dear!!

ya he knows i love him but i don't know why i'm always so angry at him.. we were never like this before.. guess the stress of not having a job is getting to me urhh...

well, wish me luck in my most recent job application...

NaySha Out

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