Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 6mths anni hubbie!

i love eu and always will.. i love you yeaterday, today, tomorrow, everyday! mwahxxx

Today was super boring super slack dae.. got awaken by vibrating hp n boyfie going "b, ez-link i pade eu ehk?" hahaha.. he was so panicky as usual n made poor lil ina ransack his room to find the damm card while it was with me the whole tyme.. like mommy sae"tu la barang impt suke na ltk smbarang"

At around 5+ poped dwn to clementi to pas him his damm card n went bck to my place for dinner.. Our meetings were whort as usual but hey i gotta b patient aitz or we mite jus break dwn... Kinda miss my frenzies @ sch.. they all doing well wit jobs or in paramedic whereas i'm stuck here! damm that @#$%^& frm ****(hospt. shall not b mentioned).

Tmrw if i'm not undr the weather like i've been for the pass 3 weeks am going frm interview.. I guess cn kiss my nursing career gd bye.. that @#$%^& will nvr let me get a job he sucks big tyme! no wonder he's been stuck in the same freaking dept. for if i'm nt wrong more den 12 yrs.. haiyo!! GET A LIFE DUDE N MAYBE PPL WILL LIKE EUU BETTER... NOT!!!!! Nyahhahhaa!! damm i'm evil! =)
=[MuAhAhAhAhA!! *dracula laugh*

naysha OUT!

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