Monday, October 26, 2009

I didn't mean all those things i said about u.. i know its all in your past and to be honest, the tot of living without eu would be too much for me to handle given the situations i've been in the past..

But what i said on the 15th April i meant everi word of it.. i wanna be with you and onli you.. Believe me when i say, i had enough of make up's and break up's.. i'm sorry i hurt you so its just that i was insecure and didn't mean those nasty things..


Well what can i say about today... Woke up to boyfie in the hall waiting for me to get up! Mann!! i'm sucha kopet!! had breakfast togather and when i went to mandi, he was watching naruto shinpuden... IRRIIIITATIIING and biasa la.. never layn me... WTH?!!!

Went down to PB and lepakzz ther.. so ya it was utter boredom for me urhh... but we had a "romantic" walk bck home.. haha!! romantic as in we both sweating like piggies!!
tmrw he's on leave so am planning to go sum wher we cn scream our lungs out!!

While we were at PB, me and boyfie did a little "kebakaran" (Burning) of pics of us and our Ex's.. it was kinda painfull for me to c him and miss S but i noe he feels even more horrid coz he saw pics of me and Mr S and Mr N but could see he was trying to be strong.. (pfft men and their act macho!!)

But to matter what happens, i'm not gonna let ANYTHING bring me down!!! GAMBATE GRRRL!!! GET JOB DEN EVERITHING WILL B BETTER!!!

NaySha owtzzzz

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