Saturday, October 31, 2009


Why does love gotta feel like this all
the time? first we're all rite nw
we're like in a war where no one wanna loose..
i never wanted or needed those things, all i wanted
was you all i ever needed was
you.. why is it so hard for you to see that?

Frm the first day we met to this very moment,
i still hold on to my promise and
that is to love eu n not hurt
you like those other GIRLS! emphasis
on girls coz well age does play a role at the maturaty
part.. sori grls he's mine so bck off..

Why when i tot everything is ok you gotta treat
me so coldly.. like i said, had enuff, sae it
yes i'll b sad but i'll find a wae
to pull truu.. just when it comes frm eu
it somehow gets to me.. and believe me when
i say, your none compared with the others
in my past.. i think of them as unwanted mistakes
that could be avoided by jus a simple
"get outa my lyfe fuckr!!

please believe me when i say, you mean the world to me
and call it bullshit or wadevr but your the FIRST
and onli guy i decided on being with
and i mean always like
till i'm old n wrinkly... i admit that i'm not the most
fantabulous wonderfullest grl.. i have my moments
i do break dwn and wanna rip off people's head
but hey!! i love you for being MAN ENUFF to stix with me
hehex.. sori but my exs were all pussies!! all lari lorr...

i kinda still miss us when we jus started off..
no probs frm your past no probs frm my past
no worrying if the other is ok.. no worrying if a grl wants u bck
and u nvr wori abt me getting bck on the cursed R1.. now we seem to b
driftiing away.. further.. and further away but one thing that touches
my heart the most, and that is no matter hw far we drift, we know where to come bck too..

i'm sorry for the way i've been acting, i know i'm being difficult
i know i'm testing your patience and i know sometimes you jus wanna
tear my face to shreds but please know i don't mean all those mean and nasty things.. i didn' t mean to take it out on you..
and not once have i ever meant all those things.. i have always, will be and forever more be loving you.. ya i know it sounds
so the bdk2 but sorry i don't lie and onli tel the truth.. cos a lie hurts even more..

Rest asure that i'm always by your side loving you.. i'll be waiting for
you when you go to brunei.. i'll be waiting for the time
when we can go out togathr and hav the time of our lives
without a care in the world! i just miss you.. i miss the old us
wae bck bfore those horrible grls came rushing bck into your life... i jus can't help but think, ppl hu are jealous can reali get ugly..

no matter what happens, the words i love you will always come out frm my lips,
i'll always wanna be rite wher i belong and
thats in your arms.. and i'll be hugging u bck.. i'll be there to catch u whenever
you fall.. i'll stand up for u and i'll be MORE DEN HAPPIE
to knock the living dae lights off those GIRLS!
remember i love you

NaySha Owtzzzz
p.s: ILoveYou
Hope you rem the meaning of this song...

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