Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finali!! i went for a job interview @ *beep*.. dun wanna jinx this job coz i reali2 nid it!! i'm done with sitting at home and what that phrase.. dudok rumah abiskn beras.. i don't want PEOPLE to think that i'm using or burning my boyfie's money.. please la people.. i have parents for a reason ya noe... and besides, i ain't one of those leeches desguised as grls larhh.. ah pleaasee...

Can sae that today was nice dae la.. everything went great @ the int.. met boyfie aftr his NE tour.. to me utter waste of time... HUSH!! to all army personal hu mae read this... dun bocor rahsia that nad thinks the NE tour is an utter waste of time.. haha!!

But an open question if i may if you don't like a person, du you:
Fake like the person
B. tell the person up front in hopes they will change .
tell the person and jus ignore their existance.. [ ] ->place ans here! =)

what if your decision effects the person your love... the closest you could ever have?? what would you du then?
i'm confused and ya boyfie said "tk payah nk paham" so ya i'm like yea.. wadever.. hu gives a sheat!!

i just can't help but wonder, if she dosen't want us together, why can't you just sae it? don't have to make it till its us hu dun wanna go on in the relationship.. jealous? ouh gawd.. WOMAN!! can't you see what your doing is pushing him away.. with all respect du please realise what your doing larhh bfore he reali hates euu and sorry to say, i ain't tryin to steal him or make him hate you or whatever it is your thinking about.. y would i wanna du sucha stupid pathetic and childish thing?? my parents raised me right and no worries! i'm onli guilty of stealing his heart.. tk suke tolong forward to my hp.. the line is alwaes open.. but as for now, i'm sorry but i love him and i ain't letting go.. not now not ever... NEVER!!

Naysha OwtZzz

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