Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life G0es On

At first i found hard to believe.. i didn't want to but ya.. shit does happen in life
and yes i am upset but what to do... just accept it and go on with life la!
i ain't no pussy hu dun let things slide but just try it agen.. theres ouh so many ways
to make a man regret! sorry but i have my limits n ya.. stern katekn..
we've been thru alot but for you to just breach my trust.. knape??
we've been thru alot but ya excuses will always remain excuses..

My love for you will never change and you of all people should know that..
Your the onli person i wanna wake up with n see you kopet face.. ya u did a mistake but so did i but ya let bygones be bygones coz holding on to it does you no good..

People of the world! i found a 20 yr old BOI hu is super duper childish..
description of this hambe allah:
  • kononyer "abg2" motorr.. (KNS!)
  • mat clubber "terror"
  • ."Abg fierce" (woah wobble)
A lil shout out to that fucker hu even fuck ppl wife.. haha..
your pathetic n ya i dun need my man to make your head spin or tell you your place.. haha
your a wannabe n always will be.. you think your big? haha... u have to screw othr ppl property to get satisfaction.. pathetic.. baek2 ti kene STD taw..

p.s: cepat2 la mati jantan jgn la menyusahkn idop hambe2 allah yg laen

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