Sunday, December 20, 2009

shagged like a

ok.. i noe its been like a week and a day since my last entry.. my deepest apologies me online stalkers...
i lurve euu ppl... well was dead busy with orientation n yes working... alot has happened
in this one week n one day.. first n foremost, poor boyfiie gotten sick n still is till this current dae n i'm superly worried cos his fever like can onli go dwn to 37.8 degrees max! he's back bone is conctantly in pain n i feel helpless mcm nurse tk bergune (useless nurse)... I really hope he gets better soon cos all i can du is tend to his needs and giv him a bck rub iif the pain comes back...

and ouh ya.. we celebrated our 8th anni.. hehe.. wa so happie... rushed dwn to mit boyfiie hu was on mc frm work n went over his place as he was craviing for mac cafe brownie.. n we went to watch new moon which the date is totaly forgotton cos hey i'm gettin old ya noe!!.. aweee.. i cried when edward left bella n boyfiie was bein a douch! laugh at me!! wth!! n shawtiie tagged alone too.. keep on asking me whats gonna happen nxt.. note to self, shawtiie waste movie tix money!! haha.. kidding.. u noe i love u gemok...

recently just started work in MOT(major operating theater) n i must admit, i enjoy working ther but despite the temp being below 16 degrees, its all good... no2 people i don't get to see the surgeries being done i just take care of those hu just finish surgery.. n ya.. all the vomitting n moaning in pain is wat i get.. all n all i love my job!! ♥

just gotten my salary also... n betol2 memuaskan..(satisfying) on the dae of me beiing a rich b*****d, boyfie fetch me frm work n ya it was a disaster! haha... his ppaid low n i couldn't cntct him so ya plan cock-up as usual but thakfully he made it to NUH safe n sound.. after taking a cab dwn to wlds, we ate at breeks..(yummy2) n went to get me a new handphone.. yay2!! no more laggy LG cheap ass bangla handphone.. FINALI a phone that can challenge boyfie's N97!! huuhaaa!! =))

and as for today, boyfie came over to my place to piick me up n as usual, i was super late at getting ready.. haha hey! u can't rush beauty! X_X|\| surprised him yet again by eating at secret recipe.. well
actualy, my tummy wanted cheese cake so badly so i spontaniously jumped outa the train @ novena n boyfie had no choice but to follow.. nyehehhehheh!!!
ate lika pig n now my tummy is rumbling agen.. i noe i'm gonna be fat eventualy so why bother!!!

now boyfie's temp reached an all time high of 38 degrees.. forced him to go to sleep n gonna entertain my tummy soon.. i badly need me clubbing nite..
and wats fantastiic, boyfie gotten us tix for countdown at sentosa!!! yahoo yippie *jumps up&dwn*
luckily me shift is 0800-1700hrs for like 5 mths straight!! yeah!
so yes ar!! c u peeps at sentosa!!! hahahaa... and sorry beggars we ain't shariing our tixs!! booya!!
till nxt tyme me lil stalkers.. ♥

Naysha Owtzzzz

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